We know consumers demand innovative and therapeutic products to assist them to stay healthy and active in their daily life.

That was the whole idea behind why we began this journey.

The company began trading in the early 1980's. Privately owned and operated, the company grew from meagre beginnings, to become what is now widely accepted as a market leader in Sports Medical, Health and Wellness products.

For many years  the company operated under the name of New Horizons PL, until in 2019 it was rebranded as Bodyassist Health and Wellness Pty Ltd.  Our products have always been sold through a national network of hundreds of pharmacies and speciality medical stores. Today we continue to expand our portfolio by designing new and innovative products that provide firm support, unsurpassed comfort and a perfect fit.

To show you how long we've been at this, here's a picture from the Herald Sun Newspaper from the late 80's with a well know celebrity from a very popular TV show who was photographed with our wrist splint support (#260). This brace is still available today and is 100% manufactured in Melbourne Australia at our production facilty.

We would like to thank our team of dedicated partners for their hard effort, determination and caring attitude for making this company a success and of course all of you 'our customers' who have all made it so possible.

Thank you one and all.

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